The bottom line for most businesses today is that the scale, pace of deployment, and ability to quickly come up with prototype analytics on cloud based analytics platforms is easily trumping more time-consuming and pricey alternatives that need significant IT attention and time.

Cloud analytics platforms that can respond quickly to support an organization’s evolving business models are replacing traditional on-premises reporting systems. These top cloud analytics platforms are helping thousands of businesses to track performance and make data-driven decisions. As invaluable as these tools are, they are only as valuable as the human capital utilizing them for decision making. That makes analyists getting data analytics degrees online or in a traditional setting among the top analytics tools you can have.

However, in terms of technology, here are the leaders for the best cloud products in 2017.


This cloud analytics platform and business intelligence tool is browser-based. The tool comprises of reporting software, integrated dashboards, and data analytics. It enables end users to develop customizable and interactive dashboards, create timely reports, drill-down into the data to analyze various performance metrics, and make ad-hoc queries.


This is a responsive and agile cloud analytics solution that equips you with advanced tools for managing and supporting business information with visuals, analytics, and reporting. It enables businesses to quickly analyze different and vast datasets and helps generate valuable insights.

Users are also able to slice and dice complete data sets with the use of multiple built-in analytical tools and filters. In addition, Sisense enables businesses to merge data from a number of unrelated sources and arrange them into a single comprehensive database. Once this is done, Sisense seamlessly rearranges the information into a standard, predefined format.


Domo is an analytics and business management suite that is fully cloud-based.  It helps by integrating data from multiple sources such as databases, spreadsheets, social media, or any current on-premises or cloud-based software solutions.

It is suitable for companies of all sizes, whether they are small owner-managed businesses to large corporations, and is compatible with Mac and Windows platforms, tablets, and other mobile devices. Domo offers incredible micro and macro level analysis and visibility for items, such as top-selling product lines, cash balances, and marketing returns.

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