It might seem strange, but web hosting can really matter when you’re trying to convert site traffic into paying customers. Just because someone visits your site doesn’t mean that you can expect them to buy from you. Some may have arrived there by accident, others are just curious, and a few will think that your prices are too high or there will be another factor that will turn them off. If you’re getting a lot of traffic but your conversion numbers are very low, you may want to take a look at your hosting and site design. Is the site user-friendly and easy to navigate? If it’s not, people may just click away from it.

Also, pay attention to how fast your site loads in different browsers and with different operating systems. If it’s very slow, people are getting bored and frustrated when they visit it. They don’t like waiting, so they click away to somewhere else and buy from your competitor with the fast-loading site. While you might not think it would make that much of a difference, it really does. People are used to getting things right away on the Internet, and a site that takes a long time to load goes against that.

How much space you have and how much traffic can come through on your hosting plan matters, too. If it gets too busy and locks up or shuts down, you can’t make any more sales until that gets corrected. Don’t become a victim of that. Get a hosting plan that meets your needs, and revisit it often as your company grows. Make sure you aren’t exceeding any parameters that come with the plan. If you are, or even if you’re very close to meeting those parameters, it’s time to upgrade right away, to minimize potential customer aggravation.


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